Solar Control For Your Home & Office

Consider the benefits of Solar Control Film for your home or office:

Hurricane Michael Took Our Shade

Treeline Before The Storm


 Abundance of trees before Hurricane Michael provided shade to protect houses from direct sun exposure.

After The Storm


 Summer heat this year will be especially intense due to losing so many trees. 

Exposed windows need more than merely blinds or curtains


 Protect your home and business from excessive Infrared and UV rays with Solar Control Window Film.   

Windows protected by Solar Control Film


Solar Control Film also provides the added benefit of daytime privacy.

Solar Control Films By SunTek



  • SYDS 35- 53%  Total Solar Heat Energy Rejected  (TSER)
  • SYDS 25- 62%  TSER
  • SYDS 15- 82%  TSER

Price Quotes

Please call to schedule an estimate. Solar window film is priced by the sq. ft.  We will come out at your convenience to measure the windows to give you an accurate price quote and provide samples of the films.