Auto Window Tint


Benefits of Solar Control Window Film for your car:


  • Driving comfort and energy savings
  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Improved appearance.

  See the benefits of Solar Control Film  for your car

SunTek Window Films


Check out the latest generation of carbon technology films from SunTek

Sample Pricing: Average Sedan

CIR -  $349.00 - Lifetime Warranty

CXP - $249.00 - Lifetime Warranty

Carbon -    $199.00 - Lifetime Warranty

Standard -$159.00 - 3 Year Warranty
*Other Model Prices Can Vary

Truck & SUV Front Side Windows

CXP - $99.00/Set

Carbon - $79.00/Set

Windshield Sunvisor - $20.00

Attention SUV Ownwers:

Consider tinting your whole vehicle, not just the front two side windows.

Most newer SUVs come from the factory with a pre-darked glass on the rear section, leaving the two front side windows untinted due to varying state tint laws. It's common to tint only the two front sides to match up to the rear glass. However, there are films available in the CXP and CIR series that are virtually clear and could be applied the the rear section giving superior heat and UV protection without changing the look of the vehicle.